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Be a Socialpreneur with AL FALAH WEALTH

According to our Prophet Muhammad sallahu 'alaihi wassalam (p.b.u.h) the end time is near.

And people's lives are getting more and more difficult as time passes by.

The challenges presented in any ordinary people's lives can at times be unbearable.

People confront waves of tests and challenges everyday and

the coping mechanism may breakdown if it gets too severe.

Helping the poor have always been something that was not incidental to Us.

Al Falah Wealth has always been instrumental in helping the poor due to our conscience towards our society and not just as a

marketing gimmick. We have been sharing our profits since 2017 to the asnaf together with our affiliate partner D.L.M.


Together we are proud to say we have developed the first INFAQ GPS in Malaysia

to help the poor, transparently and responsibly.

With the implementation of technology based on 4IR, we hope to assist many non-profit organisations around the world.

Our service can help them deliver the donations securely and safely to the recipients, for example donors from Scandinavia can

donate securely through our web service or app to the poor and needy people somewhere in Africa.

This certainly will help reduce abusive and corrupt governments,

and at the same time those poor people get to use the money or products that they really need.


Come and find out more about us. Visit Us. Learn with Us. Book a Free Talk with Us.

Find out what makes us motivated to help others with our technology.

Come and Join Us as a Socialpreneur, Today!

Call / WhatsApp  +6011- 5860-9105

Help Others, Happiness Ensues

A lot of people aren't happy in their life due to many reasons. But this shouldn't stop us from being able to reflect a moment of happiness in our life. There are various ways for us to capture and instill happiness into our lives.

Becoming a Socialpreneur is extremely satisfying. Simon Sinek mentioned in his book about the Four Happy Chemicals that flood your brain if you constantly connect with people. Helping others and volunteering to help in any way you can will make your mind and body to be always in equilibrium. Call Us now to book for a free session. Discover our mission and purpose. You will be amazed at what you can take home from our experience.


Health is the Valuable Wealth for a Socialpreneur


Maintaining a good health is extremely important if you are going to put in hours and hours of your life working to help others. Being a socialpreneur is very demanding. You have to balance your work and your lifestyle.

Managing Your health is never easy - especially if you are already past your 40th birthday. First, if you must, get an expert advice from your doctor on how to improve your health (including mental health).

Al Falah Wealth will share some tips on how you gain control of your health and help you manage your own health in a simple and easy way. This knowledge is important even if you are not a socialpreneur. Book a free seminar now and we will share our wonderful and sometimes stressful experience of becoming a socialpreneur.